Contributions to support the ongoing operations of Ruhani Satsang

Ruhani Satsang is the corporation set up by Master Kirpal Singh to look after the worldly aspects of His mission.
Per the articles of incorporation, signed off by Master, the corporation will be dissolved when it can no longer be operated by His initiates.

In the past, Ruhani Satsang was able to offer many services at no charge - including but not limited to: cost subsidized sales of Master's books, the bi-monthly mailing of one of Master's talks, the weekly telephone expenses for the telephone Satsang, etc.

Due to the current very low interest rates, resulting in near zero investment income, the corporation's expenses greatly exceed it's income and we are now hoping for financial support for some services. As things stand, Ruhani Satsang has enough money to operate for 5-10 years. We'd like to continue for 10-20 years - with His grace.

We can accept financial donations from initiates of Kirpal Singh only. Receipts are mailed in January. These are valid for tax deduction in the USA. Receipts can be sent earlier if requested.

You may contribute by phone (toll free) with a Visa or MasterCard 1-888-530-1555

or by mail:

    Ruhani Satsang
    250 H St  #50
    Blaine, WA 98230-4018

Questions? Email:

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