FEBRUARY 6, 2014

This is a reminder that the Commemoration of Master Kirpal Singh’s Birthday is coming up on February 6, 2014.

As in the past, we ask all sincere seekers to join together at the same moment for a simultaneous, worldwide, five to sixty minute meditation (or longer).  The amount of time will depend upon where you are at the appointed time.  If you are at work, excuse yourself for a few minutes.

The designated time is 12 noon Greenwich Mean Time

Complete Time and Location Listings
February 6, 12 Noon Greenwich Mean Time

2:00 AM: Honolulu
3:00 AM: Anchorage
4:00 AM: Vancouver, Seattle, Los Angeles
5:00 AM: Calgary, Denver, Phoenix
6:00 AM: Chicago, Houston, Mexico City, Guatemala
7:00 AM: Toronto, Boston, New York, Miami, Bogotá
8:00 AM: Halifax, San Juan
9:00 AM: Buenos Aires
10:00 AM: Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro [DST]
12:00 PM: Noon: Casablanca, London, Reykjavik
1:00 PM: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, Oslo, Rome
2:00 PM: Athens, Cairo, Helsinki, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Johannesburg
3:00 PM: Khartoum, Moscow, Nairobi
4:00 PM: Dubai
5:00 PM: Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi
5:30 PM: Delhi, Mumbai
6:00 PM: Dhaka
7:00 PM: Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta
8:00 PM: Hong Kong, Manila, Perth, Shanghai
9:00 PM: Seoul, Tokyo
10:00 PM: Brisbane
10:30 PM: Adelaide [DST]
11:00 PM: Melbourne [DST]
1:00 AM Feb 7 Auckland, NZ [DST]
1:00 AM Feb 7 Wellington, NZ [DST]

To quote from last year’s letter:

“The positive inner Power generated by Master through all of our meditation at the same time every year can only result in great Blessings, not only for those participating, but for mankind in general--a great Gift from Master for our giving so little of our time and attention to Him Whom we love so much!


In His Name,

The Board of Directors